Learning Chess

Learning Chess

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Chess is an exciting game that is played by many people from all over the world. Chess includes strategy and thinking to win the game and checkmate the king. There are 3 types of games. Bullet, Blitz and Rapid. Today I will be going through these.


Bullet is a game played by most players in Chess. Bullet means a game in 1 second to 2 minutes. Beyond that is the Blitz but we won't focus on that. Bullet can be won on time or by checkmate. Here are some of the games I have succeeded in bullet and lost.

This one was won by me by checkmate.

This game I won by time.

Here are two games that I lost:

In this position, I lost because of a back rank checkmate.
In this position, I was black and I lost on time.

I hope you understand how to play bullet and to deliver checkmate when you have the chance. Let's talk about Blitz


Blitz is a game that is near 3 to 5 minutes. This gives the person plenty of time to think about what to move. Blitz is a little bit easier than bullet as it doesn't make you do premoves(moves that you can play the moment you play your move). I have played a few blitz games. Here are some of them:

In this position, I delivered checkmate with a rook and a queen with a king. 

This position, I delivered checkmate with the queen protected by the bishop.

You might have thought in the position that save the rook but instead you might have not seen the checkmate delivered. Play like this and you can truly become a grandmaster when you grow up.


Rapid is a fun game. It allows you to take your time like blitz but 2 times more. Rapid games can even go on for 1 hour! Crazy, right? Rapid games are some of my favourite games to play in all of chess so why don't we explore some of them!

This game was played by me. I won by resignation because my knight pinned the king and the queen.

In this position, I won by checkmating the black king. The black king had no legal square to move but put the bishop in front of my rook but I would just take and it would be checkmate. Fascinating huh?

Here are two games that I lost.

In this position, I resigned because of the pinned rook and king. I sadly would have had no chance of winning this one.

In this position, I lost by checkmate with the queen that is protected by the king.


Chess is a brilliant game that has to be played carefully. One wrong move and you can lose the game. However, play the right moves and you will certainly become famous one day. That s the end of my blog. I hope you all like it and please share it to your friends.

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