Analysis of games from 10/11-04-13

Today, I will analyze today's and yesterday's games. These games are inclusive of the 15|10 games (I won't consider those to be part of the 4 daily games) that I will play in support of the DHLC push for longer time controls. I will probably play around 3-4 rounds, and will edit this blog with analysis as I finish. Do come and join. It starts soon.

Game 1: (30|0)

Game 2: (30|0)

Game 3: 15|10 tournament live. I blew this game totally and lost 10 points.

Game 4: 15|10 as well. I pulled out of the tournament because I did not have time to play another game in such unflexible time. I hope I did my part though.

Game 5: 30|0 I blew this game as well, but not as the earlier loss. I miscalculated.

Game 6: 30|0 unrated against Stormstout. I could not finish it due to other priorities. Therefore I resigned. 

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