Analysis of games with analyzethispgn

Todya I played two games with analyzethispgn. The first went quite well until I blundered into a mate in one. The second, I paid full concentration and reaped the rewards. Note that during the first game, I was in the second half of my losing game with kippylemon. I was challenged, and I thought that since I'm already losing, I might as well have a fun game on the side. 

The second game was a rematch straight from the popup box. As such, I did not say "gg", which my opponent then took to be a sign that I was trying to cheat back my points. I did tell him at one point before he began accusing me of cheating (???) that I analyzed his series of moves 3ply deep. This is because I have encountered similar, and I could reply instantly. However, due to finishing the game with 54:44 minutes, my opponent declares that I must have cheated. Let the game speak for itself, I will not analyze.


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