Goals for April 2013

Today I start my first goal-orientated blog. I have several goals I wish to accomplish before the end of April. Really easy for most people, but these milestones evade me consistently.

  • Reach a rating of 1100 in Live Standard. (By April 15 Failed: 15-04-2013)
  • Reach a rating of 1200 in Live Standard. (By End April)
  • Get a rating of 1000 in Tactics Trainer. Because I can only do three tactics a day, this means I have to do them every day, something I have not done. (Reached 06-04-13)
  • Play OTB in a chess club. (Reached: 07-04-13)
  • Get a rating of 1100 in Online Chess. (Reached 22-04-13)
  • Analyse 10 losses and 5 wins (Reached 22-04-13)

 Edit: There's one resolution I have to make. Play only up to four standard games a day. The reason for this is that I have a habit of blitzing standard games, which is entirely bad for my game. Limiting my games will force me to slow down my play and hopefully think more on each move.



I will update this blog at the end of the stated times to show if I reached my goals or not. 


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