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    • Updates, Politics and Games!

      Updates, thoughts and more politics. The past few months have seen a lot of chess activity.  I have been keeping myself busy with several things, so let's start! First of all – I played in two tournaments in December.  The first one was a GM... | Read More

    • Back into Chess and the month of super-tournaments

      In my last blog entry, I mentioned I had some trouble this summer playing chess.  I haven't been studying or playing for about a month and I must say I feel very motivated to participate in events and keep improving again!  The rating loss was t... | Read More

    • Tough Summer

      Everyone has them.  It's those times that you tell your friends you are finally quitting chess.  When your rating can't get any lower.  When you pass a bunch of kids playing bughouse and you think to yourself 'hey, maybe I should give that a tr... | Read More

    • Chess Politics - messing up the wonderful Iberoamerican Championship

      Politics are unavoidable.  When a sport reaches a certain magnitude, and achieves a certain fan base, it becomes clear that there must be some sort of overall governing body. Chess is one of the most played games in this world.  It has millions... | Read More

    • Choosing your Tournaments

      Hello! This is my very first blog post as a member of the team.  I believe that is already an excellent chess website, and will continue growing at a very fast pace!  The future is certainly very exciting. Feel free to cont... | Read More

    • The English Ogre edges out China's chess princess

      The Chess talk of last week, obviously, was all about Gibraltar.  If you aren't entirely familiar with the Gibraltar chess congress, I urge you to go to the main website ( and look it up.  I'ts a fabulous e... | Read More