Rude players, disconnecters and others...

Dec 12, 2012, 5:35 AM |

I know has a system to warn players about their non compliance with the Fair Play Policy, when that may be the case. Please read the Fair Play Policy here.

They send a message to the user abusing, informing them that their conduct is "suspicious".

I haven't had many opponents that are actually not playing fair but my last opponent was. This is the message I received: (Name deleted by moderator.) may have violated our Fair Play policy - it has been noted and they may have their account restricted."

I know he has violated the Fair Play Policy because he did it in the following game - see it here. My opponent had 8 minutes on the clock, and he left me waiting for the only move in the board until he was down to one minute and then disconnected.

I am aware that my play in the beginning was not the best, but close to the end, my opponent traded down to an endgame a pawn up, but he could not convert it, and then fumbled. I wouldn't be happy myself if I was in is place. I tried soothing the issue, complimenting his play, and getting him to talk to avoid the misconduct. This is what I told him:

"Lockin: good game

Lockin: you were winning at one point

Lockin: don't do this...

Lockin: you played a nice game, and now you are ruining the rest of the game for both... with the aggravation that you will be warned for lack of fair play..."

This was not one game where someone lost a pawn and then disconnected. This is a very clear situation where there was a turn-over in the game and the player was angry with the fact. I felt that he had been robbed of a sure win.

There is nothing else we can do officially, but I think these players should have their name exposed. I know this blog post does not have much visibility, and it is not my intention to have, but at least it will serve to have my own list of the players I played with that have not been fair to me.

Having said this the list starts here:

(It is a violation of rules to "name and shame" other members in blogs, forums, comments etc. Complaints regarding other players may be submitted directly to the staff via Help & Support - Moderator)

To be continued...

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