Chill with the Yaac Attack
"If you aren't enjoying chess, it isn't you!" - IM Yaacov Norowitz

Chill with the Yaac Attack


'I have a unique approach to chess, which I use in my own games as well as to teach my students. I call it the Dacha Approach. It's based on building light and dark in harmony, With the pieces as builders and the pawns as bricks. Both the pieces and the pawns work together to achieve harmony.' - IM Yaacov Norowitz

Yaacov and I have co-authored a low-theory Chessable course on the Stonewall Attack and Cheesecake. This course emphasizes understanding and mainly aims to teach club players. Our course can be purchased here, the sale price is $9.99 and the regular price is $14.99.

"The Stonewall Attack is the Yaacov Attack." - GM Viswanathan Anand

'I have been asked the question, "Why the Stonewall Attack?" more times than I can count. My response is "Why NOT the Stonewall Attack!?" Great players of the past like Capablanca, Marshall, Pillsbury, and Sultan Khan played the Stonewall Attack. It’s past time for a reappraisal of this classic swashbuckling opening.' - IM Yaacov Norowitz

The Stonewall doesn't work as effectively if Black doesn't play ...d5 as ...d6 can prevent Ne5. Therefore, we recommend the Cheesecake as a way of fighting the KID and Dutch.

'You know cheesecake as a New York City specialty – creamy and smooth with a gorgeous crack-free texture. Rich, dense flavors make it an absolute pleasure to eat. In chess, the Cheesecake is not much different.' - IM Yaacov Norowitz

As you can see here, GM Hikaru Nakamura is a big fan of the typical Cheesecake tabiya.

"This course is 47 trainable lines of bite-sized brilliance." - cjhoude

"I'm amazed how little time I've spent learning the lines vs. the practical usefulness of this course. My rating jumped 100 points once I picked up the repertoire." - Bechster

"Not since Andrew Solits' early 1990s classic "The Stonewall Attack" has the Stonewall Attack received such thorough attention in a publication. It's a great opening that can complement your existing repertoire." - OakCliffTX

"This is a short and practical course. Is this good or bad? For me, this is great. I don't want to expend 95% of my chess time studying openings. There are many great courses in Chessable, but some of them are unrealistic for the common player. In my case, I am a 2250 Lichess player (I only play chess online). In terms of efficiency (hours studied vs results), this course scores higher than any other." - norracam