A charity tournament "Danil's Friends"

A charity tournament "Danil's Friends"

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The annual charity chess tournament dedicated to the memory of Danil Kucherenko (1983-2014) - PhD in Medicine and a vivid chess player. This year, due to COVID-19, the tournament will be hosted online with all the proceeds from the tournament going towards the support of front-line medical workers at Kharkiv Children Hospital #16 - the workplace of Danil's mother. The hospital staff is going through many challenges during the pandemic and support is needed as never before. Twelve players, leading grandmasters and international masters, all friends of Danil, will take part in round-robin tournament this year with time control 3+1. All games will be streamed live with the commentary of chess players.

Pavel Eljanov will be streaming on

Baadur Jobava 

Alexandr Ipatov

Yuri Drozdovskij

Mykhaylo Oleksienko will be streaming on his Youtube channel (English).

Alexandr Kovchan

Konstantin Tarlev

Eldar Gasanov 

Dmitry Maximov

Valeriy Aveskulov 

Tatiana Dornbusch-Kostiuk 

Beglar Jobava

Sergiy Zavgorodniy 

Here the tournament link is:

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Privatbank card: 5168742712243272 (Aveskulov Valeriy).