No knights near our king!

No knights near our king!

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Many of us have an experience of how dangerous the opponent’s knight on f4 (f5) can be when your king is castled to the king side. This post is to tell you about a few methods of how to fight with such a knight. 

The first example shows both – how dangerous it is and how to fight against it.

In the next game, we can see the fight between Nf4 and Nf5.

The next two examples happened in the games of the elite players. In the first one, MVL has organized the attack by sacrificing a pawn in order to push the Nf4 back.

The next game has serious historical importance. Its result has produced the youngest ever 2800-player. I have already told you about the final stage of this game (read my previous post). The middlegame part was also instructive there.

In all examples, you saw how intolerant one was about the opponent’s knight near his king’s residence. Keep it in your mind and take care of your own king!