Week Report No 15

Week Report No 15

Aug 10, 2008, 3:05 PM |

It's Sunday night - time to sumarise this week! At the first: this week, after a long time (two months!), I submited two articles in the forum hera!  Smile Both are aboun the same game, long one - the first one about an opening and midlegame, and another about an endgame! I hope you will enjoj them!

A game in French defence: an theoretical news in 18th move

An interesting strugle for a draw, and a few remarks about differences between human minds and progr

I prepared an article about an isolated pawn, with analysis of three my games.

About sport results: I won two games this week, and my rating arised from 2098 to 2129- the highest in history! Laughing My ranki is #314. I have ten current games, and I am generally good - i expect an additional improvement in my rating and rank! Smart me! Cool

Statistics (acording to oponent's rating):

Total               #86 +57-16=13
2300+              # 8 + 0-5=3
2100-2299        # 8 + 0-4=4
1900-2099       #17 +10-4=3
1700-1899       #21 +17-1=3
<1700            #32 +30-2=0


At Tactics Trainer, my rating jumped up-dawn-up-dawn... At the moment, it's not bad, 2246, and rank #26. I am not satisfied - I failed some problens I need to pass! Yell

The picture is from www.coloribus.com. No, that's not me, and I never played chess this way! Laughing