Week Report No 16-17

Week Report No 16-17

Aug 24, 2008, 1:18 PM |

I was tired and sad last week, and didn't write a report. And I am on vocation now - I am on the seeside, I have my laptop with me, but I am not a lot in chess games now! Kiss I am going to be on vacation untill the next sunday. However, I take some time today to write an article I announced two weeks ago - it's here: An isolated pawn d4 (d5): Three practical examples. I hope it's a fine pice of art about strategy; enjoy! Smile

OK, I started with good news, and let's me to continue. As I mentioned few times, my result in Tactics trainer oscilated around 2200. And tody I succesfully passed three tasks, and my rating is now 2285 and rank #21. Whp said I am not a prodigy!? Cool

Shit... My games said. Cry In the last report, two weeks ago, I proudly anounced my rating is 2129 - the best in history! After that, I made a draw and two discreditable defeats, my rating fall to 2046, and I am in trouble in some unfinished games. I am so stupid... Embarassed And a way I lost... It was my problem in OTB play also: sometimes I make so hard mistakes - oversights in one move! I lost the game against KEK, and look at this: (Ups - I wrote names of players oposite - I was white!!)

It's realy sad! I like tactical play - and then, I didn't see my piece is under an attack!!  The  good news: it was my last game in the 2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000) - Round 1 , and I am the first with  6,5  points,  i.e. 1,5 in front of the  second.   And globally in the tournament . 1111  games are finished -  nine still in progress and  we need to  wait  for the second round... I am still playind 3rd Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200)- there are only four of us in the group and I will have 4 points of six - I could be 1st or 2nd. And 4th Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200) started at the 1st of September. Oh yes, it's French Defense Open in progress too. I finished all my games in the first round far, far ago, I almoust didn't remember. I won all 8 games, in total 387 games are concluded and 13 still in progress... And we also wait for the second round ... oh mine, it can be I will have 24 tounrament games simultaneously!! Surprised To much, I decided 10 to 12 games are enough!

And the same happened in the game against Halla: in the better position, I overlsight that my pawn d5 is under attack and play 0-0. And after Nxe5 I surrender.

Oh well... I am so stupid... I need some fine Dalmatinian vine now to take me up again...And the next week on the see, and around it...

Oh yes -  I forgot to say about the picture!! You can find it here.

Marcel Duchamp playing chess with a naked model (Eva Babitz) in the Pasedena Art Museum in 1963. photo by Julian Wesser  See more by this great photographer:www.julianwasser.com. You can read an aditional information here: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/210106