Week Report No 18-19

Week Report No 18-19

Sep 8, 2008, 8:28 PM |

I was on vocation about a week, until the 2nd of September. The last week was traumatic: as I wrote before, I was in trouble in a series of games - and, in addition, I made some blunders in other games too. Embarassed As a result, I finished even 8 games this week - won only two, one drawn and fifth loses! (I have only one free game left - a pawn less in an endgame, strugle for draw.) My rating droped from 2046 to 1996. It was 2129 four weeks ago... Surprised The general statistics is now:

Total             #97 +59-23=15
2300+            # 9 + 0-6=3
2100-2299      #12 + 0-8=4
1900-2099      #23 +12-6=5
1700-1899      #21 +17-1=3
<1700           #32 +30-2=0

I am very unsuccesfull against stronger oponents. I analysed my score also for people better and worser tne 2000 points. Look at this sharp distinction:

>2000           34  + 3-19=12  26%
<2000           63  +56- 4= 3  91%

There are three reasons.

  1. Sometimes I made simple, even one-move oversights, and normally, it's more oportunity for it against stronger oponents.
  2. I lost myself sometimes when a deeper strategy is needed.
  3. I have troubles with some openings.

And, oh well, summer was a bad season for chess. And we are near to the begining of the fall naw and all will be better! Cool

The 4th Chess.com Tournament (2001-2200) - Round 1 started this week. Eight new games - we are still in openenings.

At the some time, as I wrote two week ago, there are three tournament in progress, where I wait for the second round. I am very eficient in tournaments: #22+18-3=1. And it's a real trouble for a few games last much more then usuall, and we who qualified for the 2nd round need to wait for all of them finished, even if are not important for the 1st place.

2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000) started at May 6th - more then four months ago. 280 participants in the first round - 56 groups, and we need to play 1120 game total.It claar now who will play in the second round - however, three games are still in progress, ad we need to wait. Two of them, with same oponents,  DeepGreene and Maciek, are clear - DeepGreene has a big material advantage in endgames and win. Third game, fpiantini vs. bogdanekifor, is not so clear - short analysis show it'a a draw, but mistakes are possible. However - the first place in their group is clear. And maybe we need to wait another month or more for them to finish...

At the 6th of August, after three months of playing, we had 29 games still in progress (of 1120!). Somebody mentioned it in the forum (I forgot the topic) as a problem. I proposed a solution as it is was traditionally in correspodence chess: a board of three players of master's strenght, >2300 points or similar, is anoounced at the start of the tournament. After three months, they analysed every game still in progress and proclaimed a result. Punctum! In most cases, it' clear and they can decide in a minute; sometimes, a deeper analysis is needed.

And, as usuall, about the picture: The year is 1946. Josip Broz Tito, the president of Yugoslavia and secretary-general of the Comunist Party of Yugoslavia, play chess against Fiorello LaGuardia, who was director-general of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation (UNRRA). For people from USA, he is the best known as the major of New York 1934.-1945.. I take the picture from here: it's titoville.com, a web site of Tito's admirers, For LaGuardia it' a link up - for Tito, I watch an wikipedia article in english, but there are mistakes there - f.e. they started with his original familly name vas "Brozovic" - it is not true, it's "Broz". And there are still a lot of fights about him in post-yugoslav countries - I am not sure if there are any really objective biography of him.