Week Report No4

May 24, 2008, 2:18 AM |

It is the weekend again, and time for my week report! The last one you can see here: Week Report No3. There are 56 reads, so there are people who track my activities! However, it is usefull for myself, as I said.

I am going to use vocation after sunday, so probably it's a conclusion of my starting period here at chess.com. I reduced a number of my gamesin progress to ten, and I have an advantage of a queen in one of them.

 It was a sucesfull week again: I concluded 10 games with a result +8-1=1, and my rating climbed up from 1993 to 2031, and rank to #391. However, two wins are for my oponent run out of time in opening (it was in the 2nd Chess.com Tournament (1801-2000); this guy run out of time in other 4 games too). I didn't included those games in my statistics. I had one win in the tournament before, agaist the strongest oponent (and I strugle for a draw in the second). I am in the run for the first place.

Four wins are in the French Defense Open Tournament, started last friday, and I have a queen more in the fifth gme; so, I am prety sure I will continue a strugle in the second round! (2 of 5 proceed).

I made a statistics of my games, acording to rating of oponents. I gruped them in levels by a range of 200 points, for it can be one "class" in chess strength. So, as the strongest peple here has around 2500 points, the uper class is >2300 points, etc. 

total                57 +43-7=7    82%
2300+                2    0-1=1    25%
2100-2299          0
1900-2099          8 + 2-3=3    44%
1700-1899        18 +14-1=3    86%
<1700              29 +27-2=0    93%

I was verry succesfuul even against people not so bad, around 1800! However, I need more practice against people of my level and better.  

I lost the game against pechen for I was in a pasive position as a black, and after a hard defence I was uncarefull and pley one bad move: 39... Qe7?? and his queen is allowed to penetrate to h6 squeere, and I am lost.  After 39... Qg7 I had good chances to survive. I don't like pasive defence and I made mistakes.

I addition to my forum entries listed in my prewious blog post, I submited analysis of two my games:

A sharp draw in Frehch Defence (Gonnosuke vs LydiaBlonde

A game in Pirc defence: white didn't find a way for a succesfull atack

I submited also somethin in the topic How close we are to solving chess? (post #82). It is not strictly about the main subject of the topic, but it can be interesting for I submited some consideration for my poinf of wiev as a philosopher, which is not an usuall discourse. 

Two days ago I found here this game: Self-Proclaimed Best Computer Player? and I had realy nice time reading a series of topics (this one is the last) and post around it! What a noise around one simple chess game! This guy, cheater_1, proclaimed: "I am the best in the world, for I use three programs to play chess, nobody can beat me!" and a crowd of people discuss about it as something serious, and now he play a consultative game against 850 oponents. So boyish: "My dad/program is stronger then your dad/program!"  Laughing

Vote chess sound to me as a strange idea, and false method to chose the best move. It's a team of 850 people in the game, and most of them must be worser then me (for 98% people here has smaler rating then mine). It can hapen that in critical position they outvoted me, for they don't see a point. So, in place on to thinking, I must spent my time to convince them that my analyisis (or intuition...) is better. Some kind of politics, not chess (as Plato said, sophistes can be more convincing then experts). Or I can simple follow leaders, who seems to be stronger then me (as webgogs with his experinece iwith programs).

Only eficient team, IMHO, coud be composed of a few high-ranked players (rating >2300 here or so).