Week Report No5

Week Report No5

May 31, 2008, 11:01 AM |

The picture is on a subjec "God play chess" - see my last post here! I found it with google on the net. Cool

From the last Saturday, I used two days of vacation. As I decided that optimal number of simultaneous games is around 10-12, I reduced a number of rating games. However, few days ago I also started to play unrated "welcome games" against newcomers at chess.com!

I concluded three games (wins), all in the French Defence Open Tournament; afer only two weeks, I win seven games and in the last I have a winning position. So - I need to wait the second round! 

My statistics, acording to oponent's rating points:

Total            60 +45-7=7
2300+             2   0-1=1
2100-2299       0
1900-2099       8 + 2-3=3
1700-1899     19 +15-1=3
<1700           31 +29-2=0

In the forum, I published one game, concluded few days ago, with coments:

 French Defence: How to NOT play as black


 I wrote two short eseys under a comon name Philosophy about Chess, Computers and God. In addition, a post in the topic  Howto analyze a game (post 16) about using programs in analysis of games. I coppy/paste it here:


I am an old-fashioned human player. Cool My personal CPU is not as strong as computer's, but has some special qualities. A friend of mine, a women who train martial arts, say: "I like watch hevy-weight boxers, but I can't learn how to fight from them". I think it's an analogy. Hulks of 100 kgs move and strike different then a women (or men) of 60, as like as logics of human and computer programs are different. (They analyse - we also sintetise! They calculate - we also imagine! Undecided)

I publish a series of analyses of my games here in forums. One day, I will maybe use a program to improve my analysis.

F.e. look this possition:

An interesting queens endgame

I spent about two haurs to analyse the position. At the end, i decided that the best move, in a strugle for a draw, is unexpected at the first glance 23.... Qe6!? I made a draw, and I am Interesting to see what a program can say about it.

And the second diagram in the article too, when I decided not to take a pawn!

I am glad to see people discuss about computers (i.e. programs) as simple tools we use! Wink Not "masters" or "servants". I wrote two articles about it in a topicHow close are we to solving chess? , and re-published them at my blog: Philosophy about Chess, Computers and God


Last week I wrote that I find a game Self-Proclaimed Best Computer Player?, and I it was really fun to read the flood of coments around it. However, i concluded that the position in the game is a simple draw and I did't look at it few days. Then, yesterday, I discovered that it changed dramatically! Black, who proclaimed he is the best in the world for he is extremelly skilfull in using programs, unexpetedlly take a pawn with 35... Bxh3? In my opinion, it's a serious mistake, and I am not sure who is responsible for it - programs (he use three programs simultaneouslly), or a man. I remember a similar move in the first game of the match Spaski-Fischer 1972, when Fischer as black in a simple drow endgame toke a h2 pawn with his bishop, and lost. Well, black made his 37th move, and now we are waiting 850 consultants on white side to vote for their next move. I expect it will be a suprise, something what black didn't see, or program underestimated! Can't wait to see am I smarter then programs! Cool