Chess University!

GM MacMolner

Hey everybody,

For those of you who haven't seen the banner on the front page of, we are reopening University. Chess University will be a great way to learn a lot about specific chess topics. If it grows, we will be able to offer courses on almost any topic, including topics that are suggested by students.

What is Chess University?     Chess University is a University-styled learning institution for anyone who is serious about improving their chess. The instructors will be offering courses that are based on certain topics. These courses may be extended for several weeks such as an opening series in which it is necessary to cover a lot of material. Some of the courses will also be offered in seminar form in which only one class will be required.

Who?  The instructors are myself, GM Magesh Panchanathan and GM Dejan Bojkov, along with one of the most experienced and successful coaches on, Kairav Joshi. Getting high quality instruction from strong coaches can often be expensive, but the Chess University classes are intended to be more affordable due to the larger volume of students.

When?  The times of the classes will vary week to week and instructor to instructor, but we will be making an effort to have classes at wide ranges of time in order to allow anyone who is interested to find a class for them. Classes will begin June 1st and are open to the first people who sign up for them.

Where/How?   The classes will be conducted using a Livestream program that allows for an interactive learning experience. is a good example of what the streaming experience is like.

The classes will range in group size depending on the rating group that we are aiming to teach. The classes range from anywhere around 10 people to no more than 30. There is a lot of opportunity for Chess University to grow and become something great, so help us out with any questions or comments you have. Take care, and we hope to see you in one of our classes soon!

This is our home page:

The classes can be found here:


And for those of you who are interested, here is where you can find my first seminar on the Najdorf Sicilian and also the first of my Amazing Game series.