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    • My Road to Grandmaster

      Everyone who plays chess knows what a journey it can be, especially to progress. Goals are not achieved overnight. More often, it is consistent hard work for an extended period of time that is the difference-maker. From playing chess since I was a... | Read More

      • GM MacMolner
      • | Jun 30, 2013
    • Learning to Study

      Hi everyone, My blog can be kind of random at times, with tournament/game experiences, picking out lesser-known but very fun games, and local chess. It's been a few months since the last time I played a tournament. It's been nice to have a littl... | Read More

      • GM MacMolner
      • | May 31, 2013
    • Arizona State Championships

      As a wise man once said, "It's over!" And by that, I mean the biggest tournament of the year for Arizona. This last weekend was the scholastic state championships and there was plenty of exciting chess to go around. The tournament took place this... | Read More

    • Every Piece Sacrificed

      Hey all! There has a been a lot of exciting chess going on recently with the Candidates Tournament taking place right now. With two games left, it's going to be an exciting race to see if Carlsen can catch Kramnik. Since everyone's interest in ob... | Read More

      • GM MacMolner
      • | Mar 30, 2013
    • Crazy Chess

      Hey Guys, Hope you're ready to see another ridiculous game. If you've followed my blog before, you may have seen some weird attacks, interesting endgames, or just overall crazy chess. I just played a tournament in which I managed to win 3 games a... | Read More

    • Chess University - Modern White Repertoire 1. c4!

      Hi again! It's been a while since my last opening lecture, so I'd like to continue with one of the most fashionable openings today, the English. The English has been championed by players such as Kasparov in must win games and is rapidly rising ... | Read More

    • USCL Wrapup

      Hey again, Now that the USCL season has concluded, I thought I would share with you the highlight of my season. With it being Christmas and all, and the New Year approaching, it seems like a good time to reflect on some of my recent chess and som... | Read More

      • GM MacMolner
      • | Dec 25, 2012
    • Marathon Game

      Hey guys, I just played a very entertaining game that defintely seems worth sharing. I'm in St. Louis for a GM norm tournament, and even though it's going pretty horrendously, I'm trying to take it in stride. So, back to the opponennt w... | Read More

      • GM MacMolner
      • | Nov 29, 2012
    • US Chess League

      Hey Guys, A few weeks ago I updated the progress of the 2012 season at it's halfway point. Here we are again almost at the completion of the regular season. The season has been full of surprising games, controversy, upsets, and blunders. Pretty m... | Read More

    • Halfway Point of the US Chess League

      Hey guys, Week 5, the halfway point of the US Chess League, is coming up. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the US Chess League, it is the only league set up in the US where different states and cities get to compete against each other. I ... | Read More