Halfway Point of the US Chess League

GM MacMolner
Sep 30, 2012, 3:11 PM |

Hey guys,

Week 5, the halfway point of the US Chess League, is coming up. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the US Chess League, it is the only league set up in the US where different states and cities get to compete against each other. I have played in the league for the last 6 years. I will have a different perspective than most of those who will be watching the games and not playing themselves, but I think I can safely say for both parties that the USCL is one of the most exciting events in US Chess. The chess league has always been played online, but for the first time in the history of the USCL, games are being played on Chess.com. The games are played on Wednesdays, and any of you who like exciting chess should surely check in!

Right now here are what the standings look like in the Western Division:

  1. Dallas (3.5 - 0.5)
  2. Seattle (3.0 - 1.0)
  3. St. Louis (1.5 - 2.5)
  4. Carolina (1.5 - 2.5)
  5. Arizona (1.5 - 2.5)
  6. San Francisco (1.5 - 2.5)
  7. Los Angeles (1.0 - 3.0)
  8. Miami (1.0 - 3.0)

And the Eastern Division as well:

  1. New York (3.0 - 1.0)
  2. Manhattan (3.0 - 1.0)
  3. Connecticut (3.0 - 1.0)
  4. Philadelphia (2.5 - 1.5)
  5. New Jersey (2.5 - 1.5)
  6. New England (1.5 - 2.5)
  7. Boston (1.0 - 3.0)
  8. Baltimore (1.0 - 3.0)

Tune in to see many of the video authors and Chess.com instructors face off against each other!

Here are some of the best games of the year so far...

To me, this game was one of the best games of the year because I absolutely wish I had played it! Black's opening wasn't perfect but the middlegame was entertaining and exciting and by the time move 38 came around, the position was completely crazy.








An unbelievable position has occurred! Black's king on e5 proved to be safer than White's on g1, and eventually White succumbed to Black's initiative. These are the kind of games you get when you play over the internet in what feels like a Blitz setting. The next game is an example that shows that there can still be very high quality chess being played! :)

All in all, it's a very fun experience to be a part of the US Chess League, and it's only getting better now that it's here on Chess.com. There is also live coverage of the matches on Chess.com/tv, so there is no reason to miss out! Hope to see you all in the live arena on Wednesdays!