9 Reasons Why I Play Against Live Bots Most Of My Time

9 Reasons Why I Play Against Live Bots Most Of My Time

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The most common type of question that i receive from most players is that... "Why Mainframe? sad.png Why play the bots when you have us around you, you make us feel lonely! cry.png"

Well yes i do! This time i'm gonna tell you why i play them, and what "benefits" you get from them.

1. You never get spammed rubbish on your profile, or get triggered/threatened in live chess by them. This is the best point that these computers have.

2. You learn a decent solid play from the stronger computers, and start playing chess in a similar fashion like them. But after you train yourself with stronger bots for 2 hours in your home offline computer, you become Really strong, like +200 elos above your current strength! They also teach you that it's not because of your good moves, but its because of your opponent's mistakes, that you win your games. The aim in a chess game is to win by doing least mistakes, and to take advantage of your opponent's mistakes.

Thanks to Shredder Classic 5 for the training Image result for Shredder chess

(The above ↑ computer bot is an exception, @Komodo9 and I both have a lot of similarities,

but i'm talking in general)

3. They are the most generous players I've ever met in chess, you actually get lots of rating, and they risk their play for you, so that you can win or draw. That's literally their policy. And sometimes they just blunder a forced mate in 11 into your favorite endgame position. If you blunder in the endgame, they'll probably forgive you back happy.png

4. You can bank on them completely while playing a blindfold game, they would never trick you, nor even bother to say "Excuse me?! You broke our promise!" or "Unnskyld meg?! Du brøt vårt løfte!" when you turn off blindfold mode yourself. tongue.png

5. They train you so well, that you can easily defeat a human player rated 70+ rating points above you.

6. They are never guilty, and never cheat, and will always accept your game request to play them, even if everyone else hates you on They NEVER block you. tongue.png

7. They are Always polite, formal in their behavior and never rage quit games and hold their anger even when they lose to someone 400 rating points below them. wink.png

8. They DO try to be human by sending draw offers to their opponents... haha! Perfectionists! Just like me meh.png


9.Last, but not the least, I would like to rank @stockfish as the kindest player amongst all of my opponents from every game, for his generosity in giving me the advantage of being World Championgrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.pnggrin.png (ahh no no wait.. there's Alpha Zero sad.png well... NEVERMIND!)
I hope you guys really enjoyed reading my first blog.... But to be honest, i just made this for my 101st achievement. xD HAHAHAA (I just lied... well not really grin.png.. kind of...)

Your human reaction right now, after you finish reading this sentence is what i feel throughout the day. - Fact.

Which one of my 9 facts, did you like the most? happy.png