Manhattan Applesauce Look to Rebound From Tough Week 2 Loss

Manhattan Applesauce Look to Rebound From Tough Week 2 Loss

Sep 9, 2013, 8:12 PM |

The Manhattan Applesauce went down badly versus the New York Knights in week two in a match we had expected to do well in.  We apologize for not writing a blog post recapping the match, but we thought the match was well covered by the Knights -

This week we face the Baltimore Kingfishers a team we have done well against over the years!  

We expect to easily win this week. I think 3.5-.5 sounds about right!

From now on I (Shaun Smith) will pick the winning teams from each match.  I am sure many players enjoy reading predicitons, so here goes!

Match 1:  Carolina Cobras vs San Francisco Mechanics

I am going with the upset in this match and predicting the match to go Carolina's way with a draw on board 1, and wins on 3 and 4.

Match 2: Miami Sharks vs Los Angeles Vibe

This is a trickier match, and I think that it will end in a draw with four clear wins (2 for Miami on 2 and 3, and 2 for Los Angeles on 1 and 4).

Match 3: Dallas Destiny vs Arizona Scorpions 

This match will go to Dallas with a 2.5-1.5 victory with wins on 1 and 3 and a draw on 2.

Match 4: St. Louis Arch Bishops vs Seattle Sluggers

This match will come down to board 4 as the top three boards will likely end in a draw and Megan Lee will win to give Seattle the win.

Match 5: Philadelphia Inventors vs Connecticut Dreadnoughts

This is also a tough match between two strong teams.  Board 1 will draw and board 2 and 3 will trade wins, one to Rohde and one Gorman, and Peter Minear will bring Philadelphia their second win of the season with a big win on board 4.

Match 6: New York Knights vs New England Nor' Easters

I think this match will end in a draw, with draws on 1 and 2, and a win for New York on 3 and a win for New England on 4.

Match 7: Manhattan Applesuace vs Baltimore Kingfishers

Wins on 1, 3, and 4 and a draw on board 2 give the sauce an easy win.

Match 8: New Jersey Knockouts vs Boston Blitz

The Boston team takes down NJ with a draw on 1 and wins on 2 and 3.

Lets see how my first week of predictions turn out.