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    • USCL Weeks 8, 9, & 10

      by Levy Rozman Greetings, beautiful and talented audience. As members of and enthusiasts of dominant chess performances, you are all invited to join me on this all expense paid trip to Sweepland. Well, just kidding. I'm gassing it up a ... | Read More

    • USCL Week 6-7 Recap

      by Alex Ostrovskiy After a strong 2/2 start the 'Sauce slowed down to score 1/3 in our subsequent matches. Just like that, half of the USCL regular season was completed and our 3-2 record left us tied for 3rd place in the Eastern Division with th... | Read More

    • USCL Weeks 4-5 Recap

      by Levy Rozman After a scorching start to the 2014 US Chess League campaign, the Manhattan Applesauce were slowed down in weeks 3 and 4 by the St. Louis Arch Bishops and the New York Knights respectively. We do not have time to cry over spilled m... | Read More

    • USCL Week 1-2 Recap

      by Alex Ostrovskiy The Manhattan Applesauce are off to a strong start to the season and remain one of the three perfect teams after two weeks of play. The 'Sauce will look to continue their winning ways against the St. Louis Arch Bishops in our W... | Read More

    • Applesauce frozen by Baltimore in a 2-2 tie

      Manhattan Applesauce vs. Baltimore Kingfishers 2-2GM Zviad Izoria (2624) - IM Levan Bregadze (2469) 0.5-0.5IM Dmitry Schneider (2516) - IM Tegshsuren Enkhbat (2492) 0-1FM Rico Salimbagat (2259) - NM Jared Defibaugh (2297) 0.5-0.5NM Ryan Golde... | Read More

    • Manhattan Applesauce Look to Rebound From Tough Week 2 Loss

      The Manhattan Applesauce went down badly versus the New York Knights in week two in a match we had expected to do well in.  We apologize for not writing a blog post recapping the match, but we thought the match was well covered by the Knights -ht... | Read More

    • Who’s going to be the King of New York: Previewing Applesauce vs. Knights

      Like any other intense rivalry, there’s lots of history and no matter how good one team is in any given season, the result is always in doubt. NY Knights vs. Manhattan Applesauce is no exception. While the Knights can lay claim to winning 5/8 of... | Read More

    • New ingredients help the 'Sauce cook up a 3-1 victory over Philadelphia

      by IM Dmitri Schneider, Assistant Manager of Manhattan Applesauce On Wednesday, in an exciting 1st round, the Manhattan Applesauce defeated the Philadelphia Inventors by a 3-1, led by new additions: GM Zviad Izoria on board 1 and NM Ryan Goldenb... | Read More

    • 2013 Season Preview

      This year the Manhattan Applesauce have 6 new players including Grandmasters Zviad Izoria and Robert Hungaski.  We also have some very strong board 3/4 players in FM Rico Salimbagat, NM Ryan Goldenberg, and Tyrell Harriott, and Frank Ashmun.  Of... | Read More

    • Applesauce defeat New England Nor'Easters with continued great play on board 4

      This past Wednesday the Manhattan Applesauce defeated the strong New England team that continues a tough start to the season despite a draw with the league's top team- Dallas. We knew this match would be difficult since we would have a disadvanta... | Read More