BIG Updates for!

BIG Updates for!

FM MattyDPerrine
Sep 2, 2014, 3:54 PM |

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, I run the website which I have mainly used up to now to advertise my 1-on-1 chess coaching lessons. I have some of the most affordable prices for online chess coaching and I teach all of my students using the analysis board in "Live Chess" (which is very convenient for anyone reading this blog on Smile). I have many consistent students who have been able to improve their play a lot during their coaching sessions with me and have left many good reviews about the coaching.

Recently though, I have been re-working and preparing the website in order to start doing a LOT more things. I am going to begin offering much more training tools through the use of the website (combined with I have pages for different types of videos: live game commentaries, training/coaching videos on specific subjects, livestream recordings. At the moment the pages are blank because I haven't created/uploaded any videos yet. But that is going to change very soon! I also plan on making weekly events including, but not limited to: a weekly NLCC show (1-hour weekly livestream show that will cover many different topics; I'll answer questions from the viewers, maybe interview a different player each week, teach about a specific subject, etc), a weekly simul (each participant gets a recorded video of myself playing the full simul with brief commentary/thinking on each game + a separate PGN analysis of their personal game against me; anyone who wins/draws their game will get $5 off a 1-on-1 lesson with me!), and a weekly game analysis session (I will analyze 3 player-submitted games during the show which can be viewed by anyone who wants to view the session). I also have a lot of other plans for the website!

Here's a breakdown of my plans for to start during September:

  1. Write an article for every Friday
  2. Write a blog post with a training/coaching video based on the recent article every Sunday
  3. More random, unscheduled blog posts Tongue Out
  4. More livestreaming! (no weekly schedule yet, but a lot more random blitz/bullet/bughouse game commentaries whenever I'm online playing!)
  5. Uploading recorded sessions from my livestreams to my YouTube channel
  6. Weekly events:
    --NLCC Show
    --Game analysis session
  7. Monthly email newsletter (featuring recent articles, new videos, upcoming weekly events, analysis of the best game from a recent game analysis session or simul, etc.)

So once I get rolling with all of these updates to the website, then there will be even more tools for you guys to use to improve your games! Summarized, these include:

  • 1-on-1 coaching (some of the cheapest coaching prices online!)
  • Articles
  • Training videos
  • Game commentary videos
  • Weekly events
  • Livestream (get a glimpse into the mind of a FIDE Master as I climb the ladder in bullet/blitz on!)

There will also be extra benefits for current students who take coaching from myself:

  • Referral program (I pay $5 per person that you refer who takes 1 trial lesson)
  • Discounts on training videos
  • Discounts on weekly events

For the month of September, since I am really trying to find out what you (the wonderful users of!) are interested in, ALL new content will be come at NO COST. All training videos I upload this month? FREE. All weekly events this month? FREE. Articles, blog posts and random livestreams will always be free to read and watch Smile

I also have a group you can join in order to keep up-to-date with the website. I will post all of the updates in that group. So anyone who is a member will be able to see all of the new content and improve their game before anyone else Wink

Click here to join my group

If you have any suggestions or criticism for the website, I am happy to listen! I'd also be curious to know between the 3 types of weekly events listed above, which one sounds most interesting to you? Send me a message or comment below and I'll be sure to read all feedback

Thanks for your time! Laughing

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