Day 2 of 800 to 2200 Blitz Challenge

Day 2 of 800 to 2200 Blitz Challenge

FM MattyDPerrine
Jun 4, 2015, 7:56 AM |

Yesterday I continued with the second day of my 800 to 2200 blitz challenge for the month of June! I began the day rated at 999 and had a good day full of games. Here is my personal favorite game from the day:

Click here to view the playlist with all of the games so far

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If you are interested in watching the games, explantions and analysis live then you will want to visit my channel by clicking here. You can also view the entire recorded broadcasts by clicking here. I will be streaming again starting tomorrow Friday June 5rd at 2pm EST. I will also be doing "Friendly Friday" starting at 5pm EST tomorrow as well!

See you all again soon! Smile

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