Tactic Puzzle Educational Speedrun | Episode 1 | 400-600

Tactic Puzzle Educational Speedrun | Episode 1 | 400-600

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Hey everyone!

Today I began a tactic puzzle educational speedrun where I work from a 400 tactic rating eventually up to a 3000+ tactic rating while explaining my thoughts on the puzzles and how to solve them.

If you’re interested in checking out the videos then the first episode can be found here:

New videos in this series will come out every Tuesday on my YouTube channel. I will also be releasing other videos on my channel each week. Here's the planned schedule:

Mondays: Reti-Nimzo Larsen Attack educational speedrun (600-2000)
Tuesdays: Tactic puzzle educational speedrun (400-3000)
Wednesdays: Benko Gambit educational speedrun (600-2000)
Thursdays: Puzzle rush commentary and explanations (3-min, 5-min and survival mode)
Fridays: French Defense educational speedrun (600-2000)

If you’d like to receive updates about the channel then you can click the “subscribe” button on my channel profile here:

Hope you enjoy!

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