Weekend Chess Workout

Weekend Chess Workout

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For this week, we will be taking a look at six positions that came from the first round of the Reykjavik Open that took place in Iceland. You can post your answers in the comments below. The number of the puzzle and which side is to move is in the caption below each position.

Puzzle 1#1 Black to move

Puzzle 2#2 Black to move

Puzzle 3#3 Black to move

Puzzle 4#4 Black to move

Puzzle 5#5 Black to move

Puzzle 6#6 Black to move

Please post your answers below in the comments! I will be updating this blog post within the next few days with the answers to each position.

Also, if you'd like to get early access to these puzzle positions each week, then I'd greatly appreciate if you subscribed to my free Substack blog where I post weekly challenges as well:

Happy solving!

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