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  Over the many years of playing tens of thousands games of Chess I have met wonderful people.  Thanks to I have had the pleasure of playing interesting people all over the world.  And it has been an honor to be able to play such a civilized game that I respect and cherish dearly with educated, interesting and polite and friendly competitors.  HOWEVER!  There are some that are just jerks.  You know.  Just mean, nasty jerks that want every one else to see that they are mean and nasty and of course jerks.  This is dedicated to those who feel it  necessary to belittle folks. They are creative I will admit creating new ways of spelling foul words, using commas, spaces and  hyphens to put up their graffiti. Most of these that I come across are when playing unrated 1 min. games.  Really.  Let me restate that.  One minute.  Unrated.  Games.  I want to dissect that for you so that I am not misunderstood.  One Minute; not a real talent as I am the first to admit.  Usually the fastest computer wins.  Unrated; It has no purpose. It is used as practice or a waste of time.  Games;  Mr. Webster states-diversion, pastime, jest; contest for amusement.  Pretty simple.  I play chess because I enjoy it and I like friendly educated polite people.  I will as of today no longer give the jerks of the world that pollute this wonderful chess site the satisfaction of any response.  (and I have offered some original correspondence I must say)

From this point forward those comments will be offered for public viewing on,



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He is not a paying member?

But I get scolded.

And I am not naming and shaming, I am copying and pasting.


a real quitting puss...

by Outmanoeuvered


MickeyONeill: get lost



TD: nairbs

This is a name of a tournament wanting 100 players.  Six have signed up at this point.

Unbelievable.  Why support this behavior?


chesster2800: ahole

chesster2800: learn to play tie player

chesster2800: time


chesster2800: stupid time player

chesster2800: no skill

( chesster2800 likes to comment when he loses.)


Dalnoboishik: Looser???


u runner gay dick,, coward

by noovs23

By DoktorFatima (I reported her and her account is now closed) - I'd love to see you jump off a cliff you loser. Only idiots play this game to have fun. Get lost.


u run like a bitch. i destroyed u

by camosaltdog

so pathetic you are

by gobbineal

shit on americanby rodolfovalentino 6


revenger2014a: lets f8ck ur a-s-s- then
#14 & #15

stupid coward!!!##$T$$%#$^#^#^%$#&%


by dgochess
(side note-





QUICK FUCK (fun unscrupulous carnage k?)

TD: Elogical


Starts on March 25, 2014 at 12:00 AM (5 days 18 hours ago)
I had always thought that Chess Players had more imagination than  high school sophomore comedy.

arroba: you are a motherfucker

arroba: like all american

arroba: all of american are nazis

arroba: joder the american bastart

arroba: bastard

arroba: again American bastard

arroba: you are the fool without honor

arroba: your mother is the most fucking america

arroba: your mother is the whore of america

arroba: motherfuckerrrrrrrrr

arroba: I hope you catch a cancer to suffer

arroba: sure you're very alone in the world

arroba: jajajaja

arroba: without honor

arroba: the motherfucker

arroba: fucking nazi

arroba: coño el hijo de puta

arroba: sin honor

newawr: disrespect gets you nowhere
newawr: are u tring to rattle me, or do you really believe and feel that way about all Aericans??
newawr: Americans
newawr: trying
arroba: jajajaj
arroba: Of course I think so
arroba: all of you are nazis
arroba: Of course I think so
arroba: you do not deserve respect
arroba: i do not respect nazis




by HVATA 20 minutes ago



little prick

by xoios 38 minutes ago




veganfucboi: hahahhahaha

Merlin-Pendragon: come oin

veganfucboi: try your sister

veganfucboi: when she is asleep

veganfucboi: coward

veganfucboi: fa2ggot

veganfucboi: dicksucking coward

veganfucboi: thanks for the easy points

Merlin-Pendragon: something original

veganfucboi: thanks for the easy points coward





  • Merlin-Pendragon:Greetings from Iowa!
  • Rxa1:and you!
  • Rxa1:fuck you american smell rat
  • Rxa1:computer is win
  • Rxa1:wate 23h
  • Merlin-Pendragon:Your English is worse than your chess game at least.


Jun 9, 2016

NEW GAME (1610848558) - Merlin-Pendragon vs. Mamemi20 (3 0 rated) (win: 7, draw: -1, loss: -9)

Mamemi20: urtooweak kid

Mamemi20: ,u hve not the brain

GAME OVER - Merlin-Pendragon vs. Mamemi20 - Merlin-Pendragon won on time (+7). Your new blitz rating is 1491.

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Mamemi20 has left the chat.

NEW GAME (1610854423) - Mamemi20 [0.0] vs. Merlin-Pendragon [1.0] (3 0 rated) (win: 7, draw: -1, loss: -9)

GAME ABORTED - Mamemi20 vs. Merlin-Pendragon - Game has been aborted by the server

Mamemi20 has left the chat.




  • 6 days ago
    Play chess you pathetic weasel
  • 5 days ago

    Get a life caveman.  Move out of you moms basement and meet some people.

  • 5 days ago
    Read a chess book and suck my dick
  • 4 days ago

    Nice comeback pottsie.  Grow up and be a bit more original.


  • 4 days ago
    Eat shit and die slow
  • 4 days ago

    So let me understand this.  Your mad at me for not playing a game with you so you need to revert to name calling to achieve what........

    Get me to play with you?

    Tell you what.  Show me some more of you ignorance.  Share your large vocabulary of vulgarity then maybe I will play with you again.

  • 4 days ago
    Your pretense is incorrect you mouth breathing pseudo intellectual caveman. My comments disparaging your character is in reference to you're shitty chess skills themselves. I don't want to play with the likes of you, I just want to drive home the point of your low class and level of play. Good day to you shit for brains.
  • 4 days ago

    I already used the term "caveman".  I have asked you once to be original and you cant even do that right.

    You do want to play me that's how all this started.

    To whom do you want to drive home your unproven point?

    Thank you for the well wishes at the end there. 

  • 4 days ago

    By the way, why do my limited chess skills offend you so?