Playing Stoned

Sep 15, 2011, 3:08 PM |

I play stoned a whole bunch. Doing so has caused my overall chess game to suffer set backs in overall abilities. Especially when I hit that burned out stage. It does make me more creative in attacks, though. The problem is I may get so into the attack that i don't see small stuff going on, like check mates and stuff.

My most common error is what I call fogging period of the buzz. What I mean is I see what they are going to do. Say they are going to check and steal my queen with the knight. I look at escape routes that could also be of immediate offensive threat as well as getting out the way. Then I will look at the next move, which may be the pawn, then I will see that maybe the pawn covers the bishop which will cover the queen for mate. Then I will look at the clock and rush a little or maybe just make another move that looks real good, remember I am stoned, and make a move forgetting all about the damned check and steal my queen. Whoops!

My second most common mistake is what I call the peak buzz effect. I will slide a piece to get a check. But not looking for any cover or jumping piece the opponent may have near...dee-da-dee. So i basically have slid a piece in position for the opponent to take it free and clear. Sometimes I get them thinking with these great moves. I know I do so if you are one of them don't deny it. Because players will take forever, sometimes, to snatch the piece. They are double checking just knowing I have a surprise for them if they take the free piece. Sometimes I chat 'just take it...there is no secret plot...i am real stoned....and blundered....again'.

My third most common error is what I call zoning. I am real alert but focused on too much of a small area of the board. So the opponent makes the first move for a simple trade of pawns in the middle of the board. But what they, these snaeky jerks, really did was move their pawn out of the way of the bishop that has been hanging out diagonally in front of the rook since move #3 of the game. And now it has a clear path to my rook in the corner. I hastily grab the pawn and complete the trade. Next move by the opponent is....SMASH!

All the rest of my stoned blunders, and there are more situations, were not as often or I simply don't have a name for them yet. I can still win when playing stoned. Probably 45% win percentage while partaking in the old 420. I win more than 2 out of 3 when I am more clear headed. But its fun so I will continue to enjoy playing chess in this manner. If you can figure out which style of buzz I have you can set those moves, I mentioned, up and have much success against me.