Cleveland Open Rnd 2- Stacia Pugh v BL Morris (King's Indian Defense)

Aug 24, 2017, 12:09 PM |


In my 2nd game of the Cleveland Open (my 2nd tournament ever!) I faced a man from California named Bobby Lee Morris. He chose the King's Indian Defense as black and after an assault on my e pawn I found myself with two knights for a rook and a pawn. Sounds ok, yes?  happy.png  Except both my knights were on the side of the board!  Bad horsies!  Bad!

I manage to somewhat untangle but it becomes all about the end game with this interesting imbalance and white saddled with more weaknesses than black. Things start to go very wrong for me but with two knights can I play for tricks and somehow hold?  I run through this grueling 5 hour battle in the video.  We used all of our slow time control and ended up in time pressure and blitzing out moves in the very end!

The Cleveland Open was 5 rounds and I will post the other games as well in this short series. I played the U1500 section and the time control was 100 minutes for the first 40 moves, 30 minutes sudden death after that, and 10 second delay throughout. Enjoy!



This is Game 2 of the Cleveland Open.

Game 1 is HERE


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