Stacia Miniature #11: The Dark Bishop (Benko Gambit Declined)

Stacia Miniature #11: The Dark Bishop (Benko Gambit Declined)


Here is a dynamic blitz game featuring the dark Benko bishop who lurks on g7 with great interest in his powerful influence into white's queen side.  I decided to share this game in acknowledgement of GM Pal Benko, a very influential and talented player and composer who recently passed on August 26, 2019 at age 91 as the game transpires from an opening that bears his name, and one that I really enjoy to play.  White is slow to develop this game, and quick to go after the Dark Bishop.  Let's explore ideas for black to punish in both the opening and middle game!  

Full analysis in the video.

By the way I actually have an opening series on the Benko Gambit!

My Benko Gambit Series:
#1 The f3 Benko Gambit (Half Accepted) 
#2 The e3 Benko Gambit (Half Accepted) 
#3 The Benko Gambit Main Line
#4 The Benko Gambit Pawn Return Variation (Half Accepted)
#5 The Fianchetto Variation

Hope you enjoy and learn something!


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