Stacia Miniature #4:  Destroyed in 9 Moves! (King's Gambit)

Stacia Miniature #4: Destroyed in 9 Moves! (King's Gambit)


This is the 4th game in my new series where I analyze interesting, fast (and short; under 25 moves) time control games played solely for the purpose of learning.  

In this 3/2 game on I get King's Gambit mainline and was abruptly dismantled before move 10 and was forced to resign!   In the interest of learning how to not get violently destroyed, let's take a close look so this can be avoided in the future!  

Enjoy the game (since I didn'  

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Stacia's Miniature #4:  Destroyed in 9 Moves! (King's Gambit)