lmost Two Years Later...

Yes, that's what I wrote..."Almost two years later" and this is the third time I have seen this page.

Now I know where it is, I'm a happy camper. Anyone who knows me also knows I do put on the yak, sometimes...

No...this isn't yak. This is chicken in sweet red wine, with pineapples, garlic, and onions. Yes, I cook, too. Although I cook and eat less meat of late because I'm starting to recognize how we (mankind) are destroying the Earth by our idiocy and ravenous behavior. If you must have meat, cook it in good time, cook only minimal portions, and cook it so the taste is such that everyone licks their plate when finished.

But, how does that relate to Chess?

Easy. After two years (almost) I find that I have evolved quite a bit from when I first arrived here. Not that I'm any great player, not that I'm a "Master" ...but rather that my thinking has changed from trying to swat a fly with automatic weapons, missiles, hand grenades, and fifteen different products to get flies. Now, I study the fly a bit and step up to it with a single fly swatter and WHAP!

Oh, I still fall back on my old self on occasion. For the most part, I'm a happy person and just like Chess because it rarely repeats itself, no matter how many times one plays a specific (or satlantic if you live on the East Coast) line. How many move variations are there?

I think the number is something like 280 billion+ variations for any four moves with all the Chess pieces on the board. So, what I know for sure is, no way am I smart enough to memorize that many moves. But, principles? I CAN memorize them. I think.

And, I'll try to bring as many of those here that I can spell out clearly.

If you're up for the memorizing moves?...well. I probably won't be able to help much in that department. I once lost my teeth for a couple of years...they were in the dining room. I still haven't found my truck keys, though, so, I'm home a lot.


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    some starvin artist post examples of their work....some are real good...some no comment....just a thought....

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