Anand-Carlsen: Death of The Royal Game?

Anand-Carlsen: Death of The Royal Game?

Nov 13, 2013, 7:07 AM |

What's Up with Chess?

Watching Live the Anand-Carlsen with the commentary provided by Zsuzsa Polgar and GM Ramesh.

He’s the guy who famously said, after the terrible start of the Anand-Carlsen match, “They are inside arena to win the title and not to entertain the spectators.”

“For them the end result – title winner or loser – is important,” Ramesh added.

And that is exactly what David Bronstein said in his interview, stating the terminal illness of the game we used to call chess.

“Chess has ceased to be a game… Chess has lost its creative component, only the result is important now… Chess doesn’t excite anyone anymore. The system does work without chess…”

Main image: Damilola, Death of the king

* * *

So Mr. Ramesh, no entertainment for us? What’s the deal then? What should be in the store for the rest of us who are not part of the System?


The Hidden Culture, Moon Tales 2012 2013, by Mariana Palova (Mexican, born 1990)

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