How Soccer and Chess Explain the World

How Soccer and Chess Explain the World

May 12, 2013, 10:48 AM |

What lies behind the Teutonic dominance in soccer, economy, etc. You may be surprised Aron Nimzovich knew the answer!

How come Germany is sitting on top of Europe?

In UEFA Champions League 2013, two German teams, Bayern Munich and Borissia Dortmund, will face off for the European title (an equivalent of the Super Bowl over here in the States) at London Wembley stadium on May 25.

Two Spanish powerhouses, Real Madrid and Barcelona, that mostly make up the Spain’s national team, the current World champion, took a nasty beating from the Germans. Especially Barca, having in its ranks Lionel Messi, for many, the best soccer player ever, was humiliated with 4:0 in Munich and 0:3(!) on home turf.

Germany seemed to crack the code of how to be the winner

So what’s the secret of Germany’s success in soccer, and not only soccer? A game is just a game, but victories in sports tend also to be viewed as a test for the health and strength of nations.

Defeated badly twice in recent history, Germany rose from ashes and is now the strongest Europe’s economy. It demonstrated brilliant results, even against the current global crisis, showing strength and resilience no one could approach.

Somehow, it looks that Germany cracked the code of how to compete and be winning. But, little is known about the Germany model. What is its secret? It must be some sort of remarkably effective strategy.

Actualy, the strategy Germans use is universal and brings results in any competitive situation, be it soccer, economy, or struggle on even terms between two brains, that some also call chess. And Nimzovich would be nodding in agreement...