The pseudo knight sacrifice

The pseudo knight sacrifice

Jan 26, 2018, 4:33 PM |

Hi all,

During my recent games, there has been a very much reoccurring tactical theme; a pseudo knight sacrifice. 
During the last two weeks, I've played two classical games in my local chess club. In those two games in total I've made three (!) pseudo knight sacrifices and now recently it happened again in a blitz game here on

First of all, I'll give an example of one of the most famous pseudo-sacrifices in chess:

Now after that recap, let's see to my less brilliant games:
First up is the first game I played two weeks ago:

The next game was played yesterday in my chess club. Again I was playing with the white pieces, this time I got the chance to put my knight in the firing line of a pawn twice :-)

I noted this for a couple of friend earlier today that in those two games, this kind of move happened on 3 occations. Maybe that helped me to find this tactical shot in a recent 5|5-game here on


I've really fell in love with the knight and the venom that they possess. 
What's your best pseudo-knight sacrifices?