Today's tactical tricks 16.07.2015

Jul 16, 2015, 1:40 AM |

Hello and welcome. 

From this day on I will be starting a new series here on my blog. I will be posting three puzzles each day. Most of them will be tactical puzzles, but occasionally there might be a few strategical ones aswell. 

The puzzles will all be based on my own games or side variations I've found during post-game analysis. I will note every puzzle with "Actual game line" if the moves were actually played or "Possible continuation" if it was found during post-analysis.

Puzzle 1 (Easy)

White to move. (Actual game line)

 I'm guessing you found that pretty easily. Now let's make it slightly harder.

Puzzle 2 (Medium). White to move (Actual game line)

 For most of you this was probably quite easy aswell, but here comes the last challenge. 

Puzzle 3 (Hard) White to move (Actual game line)


I hope you enjoyed the tactics. Be sure to come back tomorrow for three new puzzles