Today's tactical tricks 17.07.2015

Jul 17, 2015, 1:51 AM |

Are you ready for day 2 of my new series?

Here are three new puzzles based on games of mine.

We will start off with a simple puzzle

Puzzle 1 (Easy) Black to move: (Actual game line)

 Give yourself a pat on the back if you found the alternate solution provided in the analysis aswell.

Let's move on to something slightly harder:

Puzzle 2 (Medium) Black to move: (Modified position)

 In the actual game I had an extra rook on e1, which allowed any simplification to be an easy win, therefore I removed in for the sake of the puzzle.

For the last puzzle of today, I had been worse during the whole game, but thought I was winning after playing 29. Rc7

Often in chess when you have a good position, but suddenly you have to find an amazing tactical shot to prove that you're better. That's the case here. Can you find how black wins on the spot? It was missed by my opponent and myself during the game, but Stockfish found it in a split second when I went over the game afterwards.  

Puzzle 3 (Hard) Black to move (Possible continuation)


Be sure to come back tomorrow for three more puzzles.