Today's tactical tricks 19.07.2015

Jul 19, 2015, 3:22 AM |

Puzzle 1 (Easy) White to move (Actual game line)
After playing a horrible endgame the exchange up I was finally given the opportunity to play out a tactical move to end the game by resignation.

Puzzle 2 (Medium) White to move (Actual game line)
I was down the exchange and a couple of pawns after misplaying the opening, but I eventually reached this position and found a way to win a piece. The position afterward is supposedly equal...

  Puzzle 3 (hard) White to move (Actual game line)
In an exchange french I managed to keep a good advantage against my opponent. He just played Qf6 to parry the threat of Qxg6. How can white claim a solid advantage here?

 Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow:-)