Monday Nov 23 2 PM PDT TV Lecture

Monday Nov 23 2 PM PDT TV Lecture

IM Nezhmet

On Monday November 23, 2009 I will be hosting a new show on "Chess.Com TV" (look under the "Fun" tab on the right) at 2 PM PDT.


The name of the show is "Thinking your way to chess mastery."


Every week I will present a tough game between two strong players and end the show with a cliffhanger where a difficult position is reached, with several possible ways to continue.  Often, multiple ways to continue are correct depending on your taste and style.

The next week we'll "solve" the cliffhanger and in so doing learn.

My blog entries will serve as a forum for Q&A in between episodes.

It is my understanding that shows will be archived for playback in case you miss the show.


The Week 1 Assignment has been posted. 

If you want to try it, post your suggested answer at my other blog entry, labeled Week 1 Solution.  We will review your work in Week 2's segment.




Acknowledgments:  thanks to phmilet, Patzer24, etc., for correcting typos and making additional suggestions in this instructional series.  I incorporate their corrections and additions and then delete the original comment for "thread clarity" so we don't have to scroll too much.