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Achievements Planet

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Hello everyone!
Welcome to the Achievements Planet that orbits the Chess Sun! happy.png
Here i plan to tackle various aspects of this fun side of
I've started this blog some time ago with the idea to help others that are also interested in obtaining achievements.
This is mainly a comprehensive step by step guide for all of them. I've decided to add more features, so this will be the main page from now on.
I hope it will help you and i am open to feedback / suggestions as always!

Down below you can find links for everything included in my blog.

Click here for the full guide page where achievements are listed in categories.

Click here for the full guide page where achievements are listed as you have them in your account page.

New to achievements and want to get your collection started quickly? Click here for the guide to the easiest and fastest achievements to obtain.

Click here for the Books guide page

Click here to check the Leaderboard for the players with most achievement points.


Helping out section: 
Since everyone that arrived on this blog is interested in achievements, why not make some of them easier to obtain by helping each other out?
I've created separate pages for specific achievements, check the links down below by clicking on the pictures.
It's easier to follow comments if they are separated by category, therefore please keep your comments in line with the specific of the page. (example: don't request blog views on the trophy page)

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