What I think about chess.com

What I think about chess.com

Nov 15, 2017, 10:28 AM |

Now the reason I joined chess.com is because I love chess. (duh) Well, I didn't expect for there to be daily, clubs, forums, and much more so that was a surprise to me! Now this is how I think about the "stuff" on chess.com.

  1. Variants. I did not know they existed! I thought there was only normal chess so this made me say "wow!" I love the 4 that are on here but I am disappointed that they don't have Antichess on here. sad.png
  2. 4 player chess. This was an awesome idea! I had done "two on two" verses my brother on a chess board that my brother made himself and liked it. I found out that there WAS such thing to were 4 players could play and liked the idea. Then I wished that chess.com would have it and what do you know? here it is! They read my mind! Thanks guys!
  3. Forums. I love how people can make forums and talk about what they want too, but I have seen some terrible stuff out there. nervous.png
  4. Blogs. AMAZING idea! I like how I can scan through and see what people wrote and have them do the same.
  5. Clubs. I had no idea there would ever be such thing! It is a good way to get to know a lot of people. I like the concept and the way to where clubs can play matches and votechess.
  6. Votechess. It is a fun way to learn better places to move by seeing your opponents moves. And it is good teamwork.
  7. Tactics/Lessons. So far they all have helped me! Thanks chess.com!

Now some people might think 12 year olds CAN'T behave but I am one that can! grin.png I turn 13 on the 18th. Love you chess.com! Keep playing chess all. wink.png