This is how I got here!

This is how I got here!

Nov 26, 2017, 11:49 AM |

PART 1: How I got here


To those who know and to those who don't, my name is Will. I like to be called Will J (Jacob is my middle name). I have turned 13 very recently and my birthday is found on my profile page. But before you check my page, let me tell you how I got here.

Sometimes if something seems hard to understand, you don't like it or you don't want to enjoy it. Now this is how it seemed with chess. It was boring, it was confusing, and it was just so weird… my brother loved it and all the time wanted me to play. Now this was when I was 8 to 11 years old. I did not like it even when I won which was kind of rare. Although I didn't like chess, I didn't want to shout it out because it wouldn't make anyone happy. So finally, when me and my brother got to playing chess again, I liked it a little better. This happened when I had turned 12.

One day, I remembered that we once had a chess game for the computer. I looked all over for it and finally found it! This all happened on April 11th or 12th. I played the game for a few days and surprisingly enjoyed it! A couple of days later…  I searched to see if there was any chess websites for me to play against a CPU. That is how I found…


PART 2: Early days


My first friends were



And one other I don't remember. sad.png

I started with bad ratings and was not happy about it. 3 days after I joined, I had begged my brother to join. So that worked out as planned. >:D I liked and decided to go on it every day. Everything worked out so far! Oh! And my first clubs were Live Tournament Club, Beta and 2 others.


Part 3: How I turned how a month or two later…


I had got premium.

I had 216 daily games!!!

I had joined a good bit of clubs. (more like 200)

And I had some good friends as of: @JunLee2k18player (now is named @HunterIMF) @sevenstarmantis @1400 (I forgot all the numbers) and of course @Josephyossi. At this time I had a fake account called @FriendsForever1313, but I have closed it and have learned my lesson now, not to have two accounts and pretend to be someone!

I enjoyed playing on live with random people and my brother often, although I normally lost. sad.png


Part 4: Even later…


I had been in about 200 clubs.

I had shaved a few daily games.

I had a good bit of friends.

My ratings had climbed somewhat, And I was happy with it.

Around this point, my club got so off topic, weird, and bad that I decided to leave it. I came back to find that is was worse… other than that, most things were good on for me.


Part 5: Now a days


I have gotten rid of most of my daily games, I now have 101.

I am in 25 less clubs because I left inactive ones.

I have LOTS of good friends. Please go here:

My ratings have made my pretty happy for some have been rising.

And I am pleased with a lot of things that are on :) And what I mean by that, is that I love now! VS Lichess wins on all things (AND I MEAN ALL) except for variations. Lichess has 8 and has 6 (when it could have 10). Other than that… is wonderful!


Part 6: Edited

My games have zig zaged back and forth but I've got them stable now, I left all the clubs that were inactive, and I am wanting to make more blogs. That is all that is new this year. wink.png


Part 7: In the feature


No staff knows this but I have welcomed over 100 members to! I plan to welcome more in the feature. This is what I say to them (if they are English): "Welcome to! Here you can play live and daily games, learn how to play better, join clubs, chat and make friends, and much more! If you have any questions, please go here: Keep playing chess and have fun! Thanks for joining! We are happy to have you."

I also wish to have over 1400 in bullet, 1300 in blitz/daily, and over 1250 in rapid. But first, let's start with the easy goals! I LOVE and REALLY hope to stay on it for as long as my life. 

Thank you VERY much for reading this! Keep playing chess all! Don't forget to view my profile! happy.png