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Another Analyzed Game

Another Analyzed Game

Jun 21, 2013, 10:44 AM 2

Fellow aspiring masters! Here is my latest game analyzed. The Key should help clear up my abbreviations. Comments welcome—especially if you see errors in my thinking/analysis. And you don’t have to softsoap it either. Let me have it with the bark on.

My Shorthand Key: CCd (candidates considered); Cs (Candidate moves); Discounting (ignoring moves without really checking to see if they are playable); During Game Notes (DGN); Explr (Chess.com explorer database); gms (games);  koth or KOTH (king of the hill); NDGN (no game notes); ops (operations); OS (Open Sources—internet); Pulsing (impulse moves—jumping at something that looks good on the surface, a “shiny object”); SCID (the database program I’m using), Shallowing (superficially evaluating a position); Stunting (non-developing moves); TDef (Identified thinking deficiencies); unfam (unfamiliar); w/, (with).

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