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Breakthrough Lessons

Breakthrough Lessons

Oct 5, 2014, 9:19 AM 5

I’ve finally done it! With this game, I break through the 1800 barrier. Only time will tell if I’m here to stay or it’s just a brief visit. Barrier or not, I played a tough opponent, rated lower, but it felt as though we were very evenly matched. In another game with this opponent we had a draw by agreement. I think I got lucky with this one. These kinds of games are the reason we all play chess.

But more importantly than breaking through, I believe this game has several lessons. I think White lost because he created weaknesses by moving too aggressively. The game also illustrates how tactics can be used as a defensive tool, as a smothered mate threat and a discovered check were used to protect pieces. And it shows that when you are behind, you should avoid exchanges and play for complications as much as possible. Onto the game!

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