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Every dog has his day

Every dog has his day

Apr 5, 2015, 12:36 PM 2

Since coming back from Italy, I have had quite a losing streak. I have not been able to put up a decent game for months. The only game I’ve won has been a result of my opponent not showing up. This week however, I finally managed to pull a convincing win. This game was game 4 of a 5 round slow Swiss, a game per week, with 45/45 time controls. One problem I have been having seems to have resolved itself with this game. I have been having trouble calculating on a three-dimensional board. Despite that, I have insisted upon using it for these slower games to simulate OTB tournament play.  For some reason, I suddenly found the ability to calculate deeper than just a couple moves during this game. It really came in handy.

I have been putting up such poor performances, that anyone checking my games would think me a lightweight (with good reason). Well, light-weight or not, every dog has his day, and this one was mine!

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