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First Victory!

First Victory!

May 24, 2015, 8:58 AM 2

I can’t believe it! My first victory against a 1900+ player! Let me just take one moment to bask in the glow under Nike’s victory wreath…

Now, back to reality. Things like this always come with a caveat. My very strong opponent, who has had an incredible and impressive string of wins, is playing 266 online games!! I, on the other hand, only play a maximum of 6 games at a time so that my dim wit will have the time to thoroughly analyze lines. Online games are all about learning as much as you can, and I think players cheat themselves if they don't take advantage of the additional time and study their positions thoroughly. Such study has been paying off—in my OTB tournament games I have put together a string of upsets. In fact, my-to-be published rating for 1 June, according to the USCF website (and if I’m reading it right), is 1365 (from 1194). I owe it all to NM Bill Richards and the Aww-Rats group!


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