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Tearing a game to shreds

Tearing a game to shreds

May 15, 2013, 10:54 AM 2

I began my journey to obtain a National Master’s title in earnest in mid-March when I began to note my turn-based games and try to apply NM Bill Richard’s ideas in my own games. Throughout this time, my chess.com rating has shown a pretty steady improvement, from about 1530 to 1630. Hopefully, that is a true indication I am indeed getting stronger.

However, one part of his program that I have yet to truly begin is to start to “tear my game(s) to shreds.” This idea really appeals to me, because as I examine the depths of my games, I’m convinced I’ll gain insight and strength, increase in cunning, hone and sharpen my predatory instincts. Oh, I realize I look like the family pet, quite docile, mild-mannered—and if I may say so myself—impeccably dressed in my in my tuxedo. But behind this peaceful façade beats the heart of an alpha, a savage and cunning beast, devouring his prey, leaving only a few meager scraps of his unfortunate opponent for the rest of the pack!! When one of you humans meets OldChessDog over the chessboard, I want you quivering with primal fear!!!!

Whew! This laptop is suddenly giving off a lot of heat or something. It’s getting really warm in here. What has gotten into me? There a full moon out tonight or something? Anyway, without further ado…




I did a lot of things wrong. And keep in mind, I’m only giving you the Reader’s Digest version (I have over 5 pages of notes from this game). It was a very humbling experience—and I’ve got a lot more like this to mine through.

So much for making you humans quiver with primal fear. Got any kittens I can take care of?

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