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Tearing a game to shreds, part II

Tearing a game to shreds, part II

May 20, 2013, 10:06 AM 2

"Basically, you are going to tear your games to shreds, looking for every mistake you made. When you find your errors, dig in, analyze as many moves as you can until you are satisfied you had a playable game with a new move." 

                                                        -National Master Bill Richards, Lesson001 (21:40)

I want these blogs to be fun for the reader, and I also want to have fun writing them, so I tend to write in a light-hearted, self-deprecating manner. But some of you may believe that OldChessDog is just fooling around, and not truly serious about becoming a National Master. So in the words of one of my favorite players on chess.com--International Master Daniel Rensch—buckle up butter cup! The analysis I'm about to offer should lay that kind of criticism to rest. I offer you the no-holds barred, but somewhat condensed version of a recent game. But be forewarned; only the heartiest of souls may venture. This game comes with a parental warning--MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! Not that any of my content is R rated--it's all G--but I think that only those truly interested and deadly serious in exploring what it may take to improve will be capable of successfully navigating the labyrinth of cognitions that follow to the end. In short--this is brutal, and there are monsters within. But if you are so inclined, grab a spool of thread, and enter…

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