Riga Magicians Fall To Oslo Trolls, Join In Relegation

Riga Magicians Fall To Oslo Trolls, Join In Relegation

Mar 7, 2018, 1:16 PM |

Despite a last minute substitution (and half-point penalty) by Oslo, the Riga Magicians fell to the Oslo Trolls 10-5.5, joining Oslo in the Eastern Division cellar, otherwise known as relegation. Maybe it was suiting that Oslo, already having accepted their relegated fate, doomed Riga to the same result.

Today the Magicians found themselves in a must-win scenario. Oddly, they actually had a not-so-clear path to the playoff qualification. It was a tortured route and required all the coins to flip in their favor: (1) Riga must win, (2) Estonia must lose, (3) Norway must not win, (4) Beat Estonia in a tiebreak. Tough odds!

In round 1, the end was already nigh; Oslo swept Riga 3.5-0.5. Board three for Oslo, IM Sebastian Mihajlov, finished with a fine score of 3.5/4 and played several fantastic games. Here's one against WIM Anna Kantane in round three.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 9 | Riga Magicians vs Oslo Trolls

Trolls Magicians Vojtech Plat Toms Kantans Vojtech Zwardon Anna Kantane 5.5
Ori Kobo 3
Frode Urkedal 3.5
Sebastian Mihajlov 3.5
Johannes Haug 0.5
10* 1 2 1 1.5

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