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Chess Gems: #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7

Chess Gems: #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7

Jul 27, 2017, 1:29 AM 2
Chess Gem #1
I wanted to share this recent game versus an average club player rated about 1500.  I ran it twice and even Stockfish seemed very impressed, giving me a CAPS of 99.64 and Avg Diff of .01 by move 12. The game lasted only 15 moves when my opponent realized his imminent doom and resigned.  Interestingly, as white I played all excellent moves, and 13/15 best possible moves.   Moves 13 and 14 stockfish recommends Qa4 as a slightly better move.  My theory doesn't agree, as both moves address what mattered most.  


Chess Gem #2

Chess Gem#2 was the next game I played following Chess Gem #1.  CG2 is yet another example of completely perfect play, which resulted in a won game by move 4 and checkmate on move 7, scoring a CAPS of 99.76 with 100% best move!  Notice blacks second move, Bc4 leaves the g2 pawn weak, giving black way too much counterplay with d5.  The aggressive Nxd4 is suicide, after the super sharp  to aggressively 5.Qg5, leaving black with no good replies. will already be busted. (similiar to move 5 in CG1, where the f7 weakness was created).   




Chess Gem #3

Chess Gem#3 was the next game I played following Chess Gem #2.    Take a look at the following game snippet where I played black and dominated my opponent by move 7, scoring 12/13 moves perfect!  On move 12..Qxg5, Stockfish recommends 12...Bxb5, 13.Qxg2, Rf8.  Any master can see why I played Qxg5 as it allows no counterplay, which is whites only hope.


Chess Gem #4

In this recent game, black got into trouble on move 2...c6 and entered a lost game after 5...b5, (notice the impressive graph)!   I chose this game in spite of only achieving a 94.20 CAPS with only 65% best move.  Stockfish points out move 13.Re1, Bxf3 14.gxf3 was slightly better than Be2, once again I disagree as 13.Re1 results in a vulnerable king position when my choice carried initiative and properly safe guarded my king.  On move 21.Nd6, Stockfish recommends 21.Bxe4 as the best solution.  Even though my move was evaluated as a mistake, my 21st move forces whites infiltration, increasing the pressure on the black king (the goal), where even with best play by Stockfish as black, white cannot be stopped.


Chess Gem #5

Here is yet another gem, occurring right after Chess Gem#4.  As black, I achieved a practically won position by move 15, as my queen gained entrance to the squares in front of the black king.  The pressure for white was too great and by move 20 was took initiative on the king.  5 moves later, By move 20, white's game was completely busted and lost by force.  Stockfish thought I played well too, pointing out a single inaccuracy on move 10, suggesting Bxa2.  The "perfect" move 10.Bxa2 gives white all the compensation he needs, allowing far too much counterplay on blacks king.  I feel 10...h6 is a far better move!  However Stockfish did find a single on my 23rd move.  I remember seeing both 23...Rxd3+ and 23...Qb2+ as the winning moves, but it turns Rxd3 is forced mate, while Qb2+ allows escape with perfect play.  In the end I played a gem of a game, scoring 84.2% best move and a CAPS of 99.20! CAPS!

 Enjoy! wink.png



Chess Gem #6

 This is an OTB game from 2014, where I played the Fort Smith chess club director, Joel.   Here's another crushing victory, where my opponent resigned 16 move win (by resignation) from a local club where both players get very high CAPS of 98.58 and the black player gets a CAPS of 97.49.


Chess Gem #7

 I chose this fischer random game because I had the honor to play the expert LeikePeike, who happens to be rated #21 globally.  I didn't quite know the rules to this random variant because I had only played 3 previous games. Surprisingly, I won! Please note I played this game in February, and since I have become a much stronger player.



More Games #1:

In this game I played black versus a strong 1650 player.  By move ...12.Bb4+, the pressure on the opponents king paid off! By move 14, whites position is hopeless.  Finally, white resigned on move 17! 



More Games #2:


In this game I played white versus a strong 1700 player who would have won if playing "king of the hill", but since it was a standard chess game, the king in the center was doomed, and my opponent resigned before his 15th move.  As white I played sharp accurate moves, scoring a 98.03 CAPS with no innaccuracies. 

It seems I am play at an 2700-3000+ elo as a CAPS of 97-99.76 suggests.  What do you think? 

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