Dominating Chess Experts (2000-2199)

Dominating Chess Experts (2000-2199)

Aug 14, 2017, 11:28 AM |

Due to the fact that I have been playing (and winning) against stronger opponents, I decided to start "Chess Gems: Volume 3", which will include my games versus expert chess players.  Because of the number of wins, and the time it takes to run analysis, for the time being I will just post the games.  In the future, I may come back and add pictures, details and analysis.  Enjoy! 




Experts: Game #1

Beating an expert before his 12th opening move!

Here is a quick win versus an expert player, Nigel-727, rated 2037, who was right to resign before his 12th move...


Experts: Game #2
 Dominating an expert in a closed game (knight sac, interference, counterplay)
And another win versus Nigel-727....Yes, I blundered my knight, but he blundered by not noticing...A few moves later, the knight became a key piece, sacrificing itself for access to the king, followed by a clever rook-queen interference move...and my opponent resigned, since he is lost whichever way he goes...


Experts: Game #3

Expert stuck on move 15 of a rated game...
Here's a rated game, versus a strong 2100 rated opponent, Hulscher1979.  In this game I only played slightly better than my opponent, but thats saying something since my opponents Average move difference was .02! (Mine was .01) with a 99.51 caps!   My opponent thought for nearly 4 minutes and let his clock run out before his 16th move!  
IMHO, The game was pretty even, although black seems slightly better due to faster development and dynamic counterplay, however white has the pawn center...Idk, but enjoy the short!









Experts: Game #5

Beating an expert, who found himself resorting to name calling...

Yet another game versus expert rated player.  My opponent, soy714, is rated 2055.  It was a casual game where my opponent plays an innacuracy with 13.Bxf6 and asked for a takeback.  I agreed to the takeback.  He played the sharper Nxe4 combo only to find himself lost at the end of that combination too...I did win this game but the experience left a little sting.  After the win my opponent became derogatory saying I was a FM Fraud Master, A TM or a troll master (been called a troll, but troll master!), a patzer, and enough more to be a not positive experience...  This is a growing trend as I find myself beating experts who can't take losing to what they call a patzer.  I am sorry for others who also experience "discouragers". 

Now, In his defense, I am a little hard to believe! -I think grandious and play for the most!  I am hunting down the worlds best in search for resistance!  -And, if I do find resistance...which I expect at the 2700 level and will only cause me to go deeper and further refine my chess knowledge...


Experts: Game #6
Mating a 2100 rated expert in 10! Using pre-selected moves! -What?!
Here's a quick 10 move mate verse from a recent rated blitz game. 
Why do these strong experts blunder away their games to me?


Experts: Game #7

An expert takes the bait, mate in 26!

I played white in this 3/0 speed chess game versus a strong opponent, PetSchub, rated 2020!  
Mate in 26!



Experts: Game #8

Positional Domination versus expert Satyamnyato (2000)
This is a 10/0 rated game in which I had the honor to play a very strong 2000 rated player.  Here I was black playing against my least favorite white opening d4 (yes, I don't like d4 games).  My opponent opted for the 4.Bd3 in a Colle system which I also particularly don't like.  I thought for a minute then played 4...b6!  Now I won't be harassed by the c2 queen + d3 bishop battering ram!  After move 7 both sides castle and i solved my light squared bishops deployment troubles with 7...g6!  Already black had gained the positional edge!
After 10...Ne4!, 11...f5!? and 14...Bxe4! it became more and more clear just how much trouble white was in.   This game features a knight sac and one particular rook sacrificed twice?!  
As black I arrived at the endgame with only enough time to premove.  White realized his only way to win was time.  BOTH players pre-moved out of necessity in the endgame and it is quite hilarious and tell-tale of the time situation.     



Experts: Game #9

More Positional Domination vs Automat (2105), a very strong blitz expert!

This was a bullet game where I had the honor to play a very strong expert rated 2100+.  In spite of the 3/0 time controls, both players played quite accurately.  White boldy comes out early with the queen, castles queenside and locks up the enemy pieces with pawn advances.  By move 15, the battle was over and by move 24 the strong opponent resigned.  The graphical representation above reveals whites' complete dominance for the short duration of the game.


Experts: Game #10

Baiting the strong expert, Najariali (2100), with poisonous pawns!

Here is another recent game I played as black vs a strong 2100 rated player, Najariali.  after my 13th move Najariali realized black had at least perpetual by Rh8, Rg8, -but I wanted more, even though drawing to a 2100 isn't a bad thing, right?  So I played on planning on the Bb4+ check combo gaining access to the king with dxe3.  After I declined the draw, white left the game and resigned.  Note the computer evaluation is only -.70, but remember thats if the opponent plays perfect, which is most difficult to do when it involves a vulnerable king.  In light of the final combination with discovered check on king, its easy to see why white felt lost and resigned on move 14...


*14...Bc5 should be 14...Bc5!! (The best continuation!)


Experts: Game #11

Outplaying an expert from a lost position!


Here is a recent game vs a 2073 in which I perform a knight sac to open up the king.  After the smoke clears, I found myself in a lost position...WAIT, no its not a lost position.  I played on, move by move and although my strong opponent had a great material gain, he just couldn't beat me.


Experts: Game #12


Punishing 2004 rated expert Dima164 for early queen!

 In this rated blitz game my strong opponent resigns before his 14th move.  Would you have brought your queen out?  Best play could have continued 14...Ng5!? 15.Rxg3!, Nxe3,16.Kxe3, -with white up only four points.




Experts: Game #13

BlackTundro, an expert rated 2180 resigns before his 25th move!


In this 8 minute + 0 second game, my strong opponent threatened mate or at least to bring his queen behind enemy lines.  Playing King f2 allowed check and infiltration of the queen.  Surely white is toast now...BUT WAIT, the black king is counter attacking leaving whites game lost!  Was this blacks plan? Yes!  Enjoy!


Experts: Game #14

A strong expert blunders the game and resigns before his 12th move.

15 Minute, 5 sec game vs strong expert, sudo_ybmt, ranked #732 worldwide, resigns before 12 move.  I'm not really proud of this game, but it shows that even the top 1000 players make blunders!







CExperts: Game #15

A quick rated blitz (5 minute +2 ) win versus expert agdani, rated 2016.




Experts: Game #16

A classical 7 minute 5 second rated game vs Muri366, rated 2044.  In this game I sacrificed my knight and rook for sharp and exciting tactics which lead to the enemy kings demise and opponent resignation before his 21st move. 






Experts: Game #17

Game vs strong expert Henderbj, rated 2012

This was a hard fought battle for black as both players used all of their 15 minute + 5 second alotted time!  I found Henderbj very difficult, but in the end won!


Experts: Game #17

Game vs expert Borapasa, rated 2004

A 5/5 petrov game where upon my 19th move I missed a faster forced win Qh5 as both players were under time pressure.  My opponent blundered his queen which was the point of my combination, even if it was stopped with h4, black had a better game, so I quickly chose my variation.


Experts: Game #18

Game vs expert Ikrenko, rated 2106

In this game with classical time controls I played a maroczy bind style setup.  As white I completely dominated my opponent every single move, with a single innacuracy and a CAPS of 95!  Just look the graph.  Enjoy! 



Experts: Game #19


Game vs strong expert Qwert87, rated 2134

Mate in 25 in this blitz game with 3+2 time controls, 


Experts: Game #20

Game vs strong expert Back2Basics, rated 2040

White controls almost the entire game, until blundering advantage in endgame under time pressure only to draw.  Back2Basics was a strong player who deserved the draw!


Experts: Game #21

Game vs strong expert Zabijak, rated 2179

This was an interesting, sharp and battle rich 3 +2 blitz rated game.  My B pawn mates on move 38 after forced six move combination!


Experts: Game #22

Game vs strong expert Habboush, rated 2064

This was an interesting, sharp and battle rich 10+5 classical rated game

Experts: Game #23

Game vs strong expert Super-Hero, rated 2178



Experts: Game #24

Perfect Game Award

Casual 3+2 blitz game vs strong expert Ostrak11

I played the evans gambit.  My opponent accepted the b4 pawn, then the c3 pawn then the b2 pawn!  Clearly he was testing my ability to prove that his moves were bad.  By move 14 my opponent was mated.  Here I played a perfect game with no innacuracies, mistakes or blunders!


Casual 10+2 game vs strong expert Hussein1999 (2064)
Quite an interesting game, complete with innacuracies, mistakes and blunders on both sides...


(Yes expecting many more to come!)



Stay tuned, there is more to come as each game above was just played over this weekend!  Until then, I'll be hunting for masters!