Dominating Chess Engines (2800+)

Dominating Chess Engines (2800+)

Aug 19, 2017, 7:01 PM |
Top Engines: Game #1 Level 10 vs 1.F4!?
Recently I nearly consecutively crushed a large number of opponents in less than 20 moves, with incredibly high CAPS scores of (98-99.8)!  Surely I am not playing at 2700 level?!  CAPS is generous when the opponent is a weak player, so would my CAPS reflect my rating if I challenged Computer Level 10 (stockfish8.js-best engine on earth-3390 elo) quick game?   

Interesting enough, I scored a CAPS of 99.25.  You can see this was an easily played game in which I dominated my opponent through control of center, majority of space, better minor pieces, pressure and force.  Yet only principles were used.  -You can also see i took advantage of the computers error in trading off the dark square bishop.  In the end, my advantages just weren't enough....  

Six months prior I challenged this same level 10 engine.  Curiously enough I won 3 quick games?  What was the secret?  Getting the better position and avoiding mistakes (tactics).


Games are won and lost by mistakes.  Play solid and avoid tactical complications with engines like stockfish.


Top Engines: Game #2 Level 10 vs 1.e4!

I just woke up and smashed (no anti-computer strategy) level 10 computer, as well as a number of other engines on their hardest levels, using rapid time controls (about 10 minutes).  AND It was EASY!  

Btw, in the game i am posting I also scored a caps of 99.12  vs Computer level 10's cap of 98.75!  High caps is harder to achieve versus harder opponents, so a high CAPS versus a Super GM strength computer is extremely rare!  I scored 72.4% best move with 58 excellent moves versus Computer Lvl 10's 67.8% with 56 excellent moves and my average difference was .04 versus .06.  Also please note the only "inaccurate" move I made was move 17 which only simplified the win, without move 17 my average difference would have been .00 or even a NEGATIVE value (impossible!).

You will notice i played a very human game and did not cheat.  Also i could do it again and again, no matter the opening...

Who else knows if I achieve this then I am already a SUPER GM whether the title is official or not the achievements (multiple times) is quite clear enough!  I also played top level (25) versus the 3d chess game app, but top level on it was super easy.  I tried chessmaster ultimate edition versus chessmaster, and it too was super easy win!


More to come!